AI – Job Replacement

Job Replacement

What Jobs Will be Taken Over by Computers?

In 2013, the Oxford scientists Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, published a probability that 47% of all professions will be taken over by computers in Two Decades.

Source: Oxford – The_Future_of_Employment.pdf

The table below is from the list. It ranks occupations according to their probability of computerization.


99% of all Tax Preparers
99% of all Account Clerks
98% of all Bookkeeping Clerks
98% of all Credit Analysts

Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne were right.

Today, bookkeeping is automated.

For these jobs, computers are much more affordable than people.

Sales And Customers

99% of all Telemarketers
97% of all Cashiers
94% of all Door-to-Door Salesmen
92% of all Insurance Sales Agents
85% of all Sales Representatives
58% of all Financial Advisors
55% of all Customer Service
54% of all Sales Agents

They were right.

Web shopping is taking over.

Conversion rates for telephone sales are not very attractive.

Production Workers

98% of all Packaging Machine Operators
95% of all Print Binding and Finishing Workers
93% of all Industrial Truck Operators
92% of all Production Workers
87% of all Food Preparation Workers

Assembly line robots has been around for 50 years.

Today, smart robots can be programmed by anyone to do anything.

Robots are replacing jobs at Amazon:

Read and Write

99% of all Data Entry Keyers
84% of all Proofreaders
65% of all Librarians
54% of all Film and Video Editors

Proofreading software is everywhere. From spell check to the Hemingway App.


81% of all Fast Food Cooks
77% of all Bartenders
77% of all Dishwashers

Coffee robots can replace many baristas.

5 Best Robot Coffee Baristas 2020

Robotic Bartenders on Quantum of the Seas – Royal Caribbean:

Postal Services

95% of all Postal Service Clerks
79% of all Mail Sorters
75% of all Postmasters
68% of all Mail Carriers

Airplane Pilots

55% of all Pilots

The military uses drones today.

Tomorrow AI will replace the pilots of cargo planes.

Passenger planes will have only one pilot. The second pilot will be an autopilot.

Drivers. Transportation Jobs

69% of all Taxi Drivers
69% of all Truck Drivers
67% of all Bus Drivers

Self-driving cars is already a reality.

The potential of jobs lost is staggering.

Very soon AI could replace millions of transportation jobs.

Robots could take 20 million jobs by 2030

According to a study from Oxford Economics (2019), there could be 14 million robots working in China by 2030.

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