Machine can mimic humans in learning

Speech recognition, decision-making, and visual perception are some features that an ‘AI’ possess. The main goal of artificial intelligence has always been for these machines to be able to learn, reason, and perceive as human beings with little or no human intervention. But humans are always going to be needed to observe and supply equipment necessary … Continue reading Machine can mimic humans in learning


During brain storm sessions, the identified lead may want to initiate the necessary tools for each participant to bring along including a piece of paper and pencils to take down notes. Usually, these sessions should last an hour. The first 30 minutes will be open-ended questions and answers from the group. The next 15 minutes should … Continue reading BRAIN STORMING SESSIONS

The difference between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloud ML: The Cloud ML Engine is a hosted platform to run machine learning training jobs and predictions at scale. The service can also be used to deploy a model that is trained in external environments. Cloud ML Engine automates all resource provisioning and monitoring for running the jobs. The cloud makes intelligent capabilities accessible without … Continue reading The difference between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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