QA Tester

Role: QA Tester
Location: Albany, NY

Job Description:
·         Tester – Conducts automated and manual tests to ensure that the software created/upgraded performs as necessary and meets the user requirements.
·         Develops and maintains user and technical documentation and project process documentation for application teams. Understands the view of applications and/or technology and is able to put procedures in a logical sequence.
·         Expert – 84+ Months Candidate is able to provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field

Requested Qualifications:
1.      84 Months of writing test scripts, test cases and scenarios
2.      84 Months experience working with web enabled applications
3.      24 Months of experience using SQL
4.      24 Months of experience managing 5 or more members of a testing team 
5.      12 Months of Experience using Selenium IDE/web
6.      12 Months of experience using defect logging/issue tracking tools such as Redmine or JIRA
7.      Bachelor’s Degree


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