How To Run Python Dash App


How to run Python Dash Plotly App on Windows

  1. Download the latest version of Apache from the Official website
  2. Unzip the download
  3. Save Apache24 on your C: drive
  4. Open the conf folder and edit httpd file
  5. In httpd file around the middle enter in your ServerAdmin (email) and ServerName (your website)
  6. Save

On your C: Command prompt

  1. Change directory to Apache24 i.e. cd.. till you get C:\
  2. cd Apache24
  3. cd bin
  4. httpd.exe
  5. Test if your Development Server is up and running by typing localhost or on the URL

Now you can run your Python Dash Plotly App

This can only run on your development server

Read more on how to setup a Development Server