Spam Detection in Deep Learning

What is the so-called Spam?

E- messages are a crucial means of communication between many people worldwide. But several people and corporations misuse this facility to distribute unsolicited bulk messages that are commonly called Spam SMS. Spam SMS may include advertisements of medicine, software, adult content, insurance, or other fraudulent advertisements. Various Spam filters are wont to provide a protective mechanism that will design a system to acknowledge spam.

Spam Detection

After submitting your personal details like mobile number or email address on any platform, they started the advertisement of their unusual products by constantly pinging you. They try to advertise by sending constant emails and with the help of your contact details they keep sending you messages as well they are doing WhatsApp more nowadays. Hence, the output is nothing but a lot of spam alerts and notifications popping up in your inbox. This is often where the task of spam detection comes in.

Spam detection means detecting spam messages or emails by understanding text content in order that you’ll only receive notifications regarding your messages or emails that are crucial to you. If spam messages are found, they’re automatically transferred to a spam folder and you’re never notified of such alerts. This helps to enhance the user experience, as many spam alerts can bother many users. Read more…